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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Prime Time :: Title Design

Prime Time :: Title Design from Alan Dunne on Vimeo.

I recently completed the re-brand of Prime Time - RTÉ Television's current affairs flagship TV show.

There are 3 shows per week so the idea was to run 3 titles that were different to each other.

The shots in the title are animated photographs of a photo-journalistic quality. Editorially there were many redrafts and the selection procedure was long!

In the end we were happy that the images reflected the broad subject matter of the show. In fact, the majority of photos selected were award winning, so it was great to be working with them.

The brand image is a play on the words 'Prime' and 'Time'. 'Prime' often refers to a type of camera lens, which reinforces the relevance of photojournalism as a theme. Also the and the circular cyclical nature of Time and the consistent schedule of the program. The circular design was carried strongly across the logo and then the set, which required me liaising with the set designer Marsella Power who did a really superb job.

In the movie clip above, see all 3 titles play back-to-back

Design & Animation//
Alan Dunne

John Walsh

Gareth Teggin & JP

John Walsh

Exec Producer//
David Nally

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