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Monday, October 5, 2009

Super Extra Bonus Party; Radar Music Video

I'm currently working on the video for Super Extra Bonus Party's single 'Radar' featuring Cadence Weapon. We chronicle the tale of Cadence Weapon as a Giant African Land Snail! Anthropomorphism is no stranger to the band, so go figure. It was shot in Whelans in Dublin, along with a make shift green screen shoot on location. Its proving to be a larger mountain of a project than I had initially anticipated, but I'm loving how its turning out. Watch this space for further developments!
See more pics from the shoot here!


  1. Hello Mr Alan! Congratulations on the blog yay you! Love the Slug! It's so warm and cosy looking wherever he is =)

  2. Hey Alan,
    Thanks for linking back to my pics from the shoot. Cannot wait to see the finished video!
    Yeow! - Sara